How we do online workshops at BET

11. January 2022

We are starting off 2022 with a new series of online workshops. As soon as in-person events are possible again, in a safe and trusted manner, we will re-adjust our schedule and let you know.

All live online workshops are taking place incorporating our tried-and-trusted BET quality, as well known from all our in-person events.

Communication online? Forget what you know about online learning and webinars so far – all BET workshops come with a lively dialogue between all participants: ask spontaneous questions and get prompt answers – without having to press the Intercom button! As if you are live in the room, you can actively participate, without the need of a headset, and communicate with the lecturer as well as the other participants. Spontaneity is key, and, not to forget, a good sense of humour! Everybody can see everybody, everyone can hear everyone. That’s why we call it a LIVE online workshop.

Technical demonstrations online? In all technical workshops you will have the opportunity to interact online with the user interfaces of system cameras, converters, mappers, video processors, generators, analysers, displays, routers, gateways and switches. The beauty of it all being live and online on your own computer screen is, that you are even closer than in a seminar room, it’s very “hands-on” and you have the opportunity to take as many of your own screen shots as you like for a very in-depth learning experience.

Explanations online? Experience our legendary, animated PPTs directly on your screen and follow along collaboratively to develop explanations and models on our shared electronic flipchart.

Touch online? Connectors, sensors, input/output connectivity of devices – with our local minicams we can magnify these to an even larger view than you might like. But technology has its limitations: Actually touching something isn’t quite possible yet. To be honest though, for our real, golden video barrels we prefer it this way!

Video quality online? Even the UHD/HDR footage is coming straight to your own home. For this, we provide you with an HDR capable tablet of up to 1500 nits for the duration of the workshop, delivery and collection included. You can watch the demo videos during the workshop and revisit them afterwards at your own leisure. This service is included in the workshop costs.

Networks online? In the computer networking workshops you won’t miss out on the opportunity of connecting via a local network with the other participants. Via our own server you will get access to a virtual machine in order to take part in all connectivity and fault-finding experiments – just like you would do in an in-person workshop. This service is included at no extra cost as well!

Documentation online? For every workshop we develop a comprehensive and up-to-date script of about 70 to 150 pages. It is your choice to receive a printed version or a secure PDF including your own personal editing rights and search function. Or both. Please state your preference when booking the workshop! (Available only in German language.)

Safety online? We exclusively use systems that follow GDPR (in German: DSGVO). All our servers are located in Germany. The security issues, which Zoom and Teams first encountered 1.5 years ago, are solved now. If in doubt, you have the possibility to still fully take part without installing any software on your own machine!

Save money online? Save on travel time, expenses and your environmental footprint! Set up your home learning environment as you wish – with a second computer, with the workshop script ready to take notes, or the coffee machine only an armlength away!

Schauen Sie auf unserer Website, welche Seminare zurzeit als Live Online-Variante angeboten werden oder fordern Sie ein individuelles Angebot als Inhouse-Schulung an. Live Online-Seminare sind derzeit möglich bei den Veranstaltungen NetzwerkpraxisProfessional Media over IP, QC und technische Abnahme UHD/HDR , Videotechnik Operating UHD/HD, Videotechnik Spezial UHD/HDR, File-Technologie, File-Archivierung und TV-Produktionsmethoden UHD/HD.

Can’t decide yet? – Why not read through some of the feedback of our previous participants about the various workshops on our website?

We look forward to welcoming you soon!