PQ with live linear distribution?

08. April 2022

On May 6th 2022, BET and Studio Berlin collaborate, with the kind support of Dolby, Grass Valley and Scientific Flanders, to showcase a HDR Live distribution based on PQ. We do this test with the SAT.1 top premium production "The Voice Kids 2022" - Final show in Studio Berlins “Adlershof-Studios”.

The PQ live signal, provided by Studio Berlins OB-Van #10, will be encoded into a DVB-S stream. The aim is to showcase the reception and playback options of the latest, but also older consumer television sets. Especially interesting is the end-to-end image-performance comparison against the reference image.

Background: Some broadcasters use incompatible methods to distribute UHD/HDR programs for live linear TV or video on demand, based on HLG and PQ. This often leads to increased efforts to create several compatible streams for all types of signal distribution, e.g. live linear TV, on demand streaming or public viewing.

With this testcase we’re eager to prove, that PQ can for sure be used for both   all distribution channels and that spectators at home are able to receive the program and can witness a much-improved image impression thanks to the stunning HDR performance.

Former tests with Grass Valley’s LDX 150 cameras have already attested its capability to acquire images up to 5,000 nits.

Stay tuned for the results, which we publish right here after we finished our test-case in Berlin.

Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us any time.